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When you visit Beverly Hills Dental Care your oral health, comfort and smile is our top priority.

We understand how apprehensive some people may feel about their dental visit and we try to make a difference by providing a warm and relaxing atmosphere and giving our patients our undivided attention. Our policies include never double booking your appointments and always valuing your time as our own.

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Oral Examination

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Oral Examination

Regular oral examinations and oral cancer screenings play an important role in preventing the onset, progress, and recurrence of many dental diseases and conditions.

According to research conducted by the American Cancer Society, almost 30,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. The key factor to successfully treating oral cancer as well as many other oral diseases is detecting and treating them in their early stages. However, in many cases the typical early signs and symptoms of the disease may go unnoticed or overlooked by the patient. That is what makes regular professional oral exams and oral cancer screenings critically important.

At Beverly Hills Dental Care our entire staff is committed to your oral and general health.

Whether you come for your initial dental visit or just a regular dental check-up, Dr. Michael Keselbrener will always take his time to carefully update and review your medical and dental history, inquire about your concerns and health changes and answer any questions you may have. Dr. Keselbrener will then perform a thorough oral examination, including:

  • Examination of updated diagnostic X-rays: essential for detecting tooth decay, bone loss, cysts, polyps, abscesses, tumors, and any hidden dental abnormalities or misalignments not visible to the naked eye
  • Checking your temporomandibular joint (TMJ or jaw joint) for any abnormal clicking, popping, or discomfort, which may be alarming signs of malfunctioning or improper articulation of the jaw
  • Gum disease evaluation: checking your gums for any signs of inflammation and, if necessary, measuring pockets (spaces between your tooth and gum) around your teeth to determine your periodontal health
  • Oral cancer screening: examining your face, lips, and mouth tissues for signs of any abnormal changes, including red patches, hardened white or gray lesions or sore spots, and palpating your face and neck for suspicious lumps (read more)
  • Thorough examination of all tooth surfaces for tooth decay
  • Examination of all existing tooth restorations for any signs of secondary decay, chips, cracks, fractures or any other defects or imperfections

In some cases, Dr. Keselbrener may also find it helpful to take some additional diagnostic X-rays, measurements, photographs, and impressions of your teeth for wax-up study models.

Dr. Michael Keselbrener will then carefully evaluate all his findings and design a treatment plan, tailored specifically for your needs and expectations.

Regular oral examinations and oral cancer screenings can help you avoid serious and costly dental and general health problems and is the key to having a healthy and beautiful smile for many years to come.